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A través de nuestra combinación única de transformación estratégica y capacidades de técnicas, ERM se asocia con clientes para hacer operativa la sustentabilidad a escala y ritmo creciente.

En ERM, la sostenibilidad es nuestro negocio. Como la consultora puramente en sostenibilidad más grande, nos alineamos con las organizaciones líderes mundiales para crear soluciones innovadoras a los retos en sostenibilidad y así, liberar  oportunidades comerciales que llenan las necesidades de hoy, mientras se preservan oportunidades para las generaciones futuras.

Through our unique combination of strategic transformation and technical delivery capabilities, ERM partners with clients to operationalize sustainability at pace and scale.

As the largest global pure-play sustainability consultancy, we partner with the world’s leading organizations, creating innovative solutions to sustainability challenges and unlocking commercial opportunities that meet the needs of today while preserving opportunities for future generations.

Productos / Servicios

Strategy to win in a sustainable world

  • Accelerating decarbonization
  • Transforming for sustainability 
  • Leveraging Carbon Markets & Natural Climate Solutions

Financing the transition to a sustainable economy

  • ESG transaction advisory
  • ESG playbooks for private equity & financial institutions
  • Managing ESG risks & disclosures

Creating sustainable products and supply chains

  • Ensuring global product stewardship
  • Driving product sustainability & circular economy
  • Creating resilient supply chains

Developing physical assets in a sustainable way

  • Building the renewable energy future
  • Delivering ESG-aligned major capital projects. 
  • Maximizing asset value – limiting liabilities & unlocking regeneration

Integrating sustainability & compliance into daily operations

  • Embedding nature in decision making
  • Improving EHS risk management & performance
  • Securing social license & building social capital
  • Creating a safe & healthy workplace

Client context: Businesses today face two strategic challenges: to drive profitable revenue growth while simultaneously accelerating the integration of sustainability into their strategy and operations. 

Key challenge: Although many organisations have set clear targets around sustainability, and are measuring and reporting progress, most organisations are still struggling with the ‘how’ of deep implementation. The pace and scale of the business transformation required to be able to meet their stated ambition is where most businesses risk falling behind. 

ERM’s role: As the largest global pure play sustainability consultancy with more than 50 years’ of market leadership, ERM partners with clients to operationalize sustainability at pace and scale through our unique combination of strategic transformation and technical delivery.




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